Saturday, June 28, 2014

Akdong Musician thinks it's okay to be ugly

Akdong Musician with models Nam Ju Hyuk and Lee Ha Eun for High Cut magazine published on June 19. The models also featured in Akdong Musician’s MV 200% and Give Love.

In the interview that followed the photoshoot, Akdong Musician members shared thoughts on how things have changed in the past one year since they appeared on K-pop Star. Lee Chan Hyuk said, “I feel like I’m in a completely different world compared to one year ago. I feel like I came to a world with a whole other dimension,” and Lee Soo Hyun answered, “I didn’t even know that celebrities actually existed when I was younger. I thought they were like animated characters.”

When the topic of negative comments on internet came up, Soo Hyun said, “The only type of negative comments that I don’t get affected by are the ones about our looks. When I see the negative comments saying that we’re ugly, we say, ‘They say we’re ugly,’ ‘Yes, I think so too,’ and laugh it off.”

Having written songs based on his plentiful experiences of daily life, Chan Hyuk said, “If you can change how you think and change your environment, you can make as many songs as there are number of words. I think all words in the world can become the subject matter.”

Photo credit: High Cut


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