Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Boyfriend Has A “#Hashtag” Interview [FULL][ENG]

It’s a fun and relaxing interview.

With Boyfriend’s Obsession comeback, they had a #hashtag interview with 1theK. They explained what their first hashtag, a girl like you, meant.

With their comeback called Obsession, find out which member got pointed out as having the most severe obsession. Next hashtag was rough guys, Boyfriend have always been known for their cute concepts, but this time they’re back with a manlier image. Fans should probably listen carefully to the question about their ideal type and see if you match their description!

Each of the members show off their charm by doing an action that will make a person’s heart flutter. Did their actions make you like them even more? Fans who have been missing Boyfriend finally get to see them again!



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