Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Girls Generation Jessica's friends recalled how shy f(x) Krystal used to be on OnStyle's "Jessica&Krystal" episode 4

On the June 24 broadcast of "Jessica&Krystal," they had a get together with their friends in the park.

Jessica's friends thought about how shy Krystal used to be in the past, cutely teasing her for being a crybaby.
One of Jessica's friends said, "I remember you.  You were always crying in the bathroom," while another friend added that Krystal was always hiding behind Jessica. Krystal was called a crybaby in the past, but Jessica explained that they never cried because they were sad but because they were angry.
Jessica also revealed that she used to be very shy, as well. When she first had to do camera testing, she couldn't look into the camera and cried.  Krystal said saying that she hid in the bathroom.

Jessica found out one person was dating a younger man.  She said she did not like being called "ya" (informal way of addressing somebody) by a younger guy, so she would want to be called Soo Yeon-ah (her Korean name). The others said that was the same thing, but she repeated that she really didn't like being called "ya."  When asked if she would date a younger man, she said she wouldn't be able to.


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