Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Girls Generation Tiffany revealed to have given a handwritten letter to 2PM's "Nichkhun?"

On the June 17 broadcast of On Style's "Jessica & Krystal," Girls' Generation members Hyoyeon and Tiffany visited the Jung sisters as they flipped through a dating psychology test and talked about their dating styles.

Hyoyeon said, "What would be a good and touching present to give your significant other on a celebratory day? Album production for just the two of you, a moving handwritten letter, a vacation for just the two of you or a special party."

Attention was focused on Tiffany (currently dating 2PM's Nichkhun), as she said, "There was a time I did something similar to the second one, [a handwritten letter]." As the atmosphere got strange, Tiffany yelled, "You can do that because it's a commemorative day."

Hyoyeon said, "At this age, it's a problem if you didn't get to date even once." Tiffany said, "I don't think I should talk."


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