Sunday, June 29, 2014

Ha Ji Won Sheds Tears During Her Solo Fan Meeting In Japan

Ha Ji Won rose as a new hallyu queen in Japan.

Ha Ji Won held her solo fan meeting in Japan on June 28, for the first time since her debut. The event was organized when many Japanese fans sent in their requests to see Ha Ji Won, who then decided to carry out the solo fan meeting despite her busy schedules.

The fan meeting, which was held in Tokyo’s Mielparque Hall, had sold out all tickets in the beginning of May, about two months prior to the event took place.

Having the theme of ‘bridge,’ the fan meeting signified a link between Ha Ji Won and her fans and a promise for their meetings in the future. Due to the fans’ enthusiastic response, another fan meeting was scheduled to take place in Japan in January 24 of 2015.

During the fan meeting, Ha Ji Won performed Seiko Matsuda’s Natsu no Tobira, a popular Japanese song from the 80’s, and received a standing applause from the fans, leading her to shed tears. She also met each of her fans through a handshaking event, which took place immediately after the fan meeting was over, interacting more closely with the fans.

The agency analyzed that the fan meeting was a great success, considering the fact that it sold out all tickets in advance, the audience included children under the age of ten to those in their 80s and about 40% of the attending fans were males, which is unusual.

Meanwhile, Ha Ji Won’s drama Empress Ki will start airing in Japan through NHK’s BS premium channel starting on August 3.

Photo credit: Sun and Moon Entertainment


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