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How to tell time in Korean


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몇 시예요? (What time is it?)

In Korean, hours are written using Native Korean numbers (하나, 둘,셋 etc.) and then the word 시. For example, if you wanted to say it was 4:00, you would say:
네 시예요.
Minutes, on the other hand, are written in Sino-Korean (일,이,삼 etc.) followed by the word 분(minute). If you wanted to say it was 4:05, you would say:
네 시 오 분이에요.
Other useful tips:
  • If you want to say it’s _:30, you would write 반 instead of 삼십 분.
  • If you want to say it’s 10 minutes until the next hour you would say: ( the number of the next hour) 시 십 분 전. The same goes for 5 minutes from the next hour.
Time vocabulary:
  • 오전: Before noon (A.M.)
  • 오후: After noon (P.M.)
  • 새벽: Daybreak
  • 아침: Morning
  • 점심: Noon/lunchtime
  • 저녁: Evening
  • 밤:Night
What time is it where you live? For me, 점심 한 시 삼십 구 분이에요 (It is 1:39 in the afternoon).

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