Saturday, June 14, 2014

[Interview] Fly to the Sky Brings Up ‘Dating Rumors’ Between the Members

Recently coming back with a new album, Fly to the Sky still clearly boasts envious teamwork.

There were rumors claiming a trouble in their relationship due to five years of inactivity, but after all these years, they were still bickering with one another, building their friendship.

Meeting with reporters on June 10 in a café in Sinsa-dong, Fly to the Sky claimed, “Bickering with each other is our group’s charm.”

Brian said, “Members of some teams say that they are close to each other but you can tell that they are not really close in real life. They don’t bicker and don’t even look at each other. We jokingly argue with each other and purposely act like we have conflicting ideas. Fans see that as cute and enjoy watching us do that.”

When commented that they’re like a couple, Brian said, “If you think of it that way, it could be gross, but that’s what our teamwork is like.”

When Hwan Hee added, “We prefer that over rumors saying that we have a problem,” Brian also agreed by saying, “I think it’s better to hear that we’re close like a couple, rather than to hear that we seem to have a bad relationship.”

Due to their teamwork, rumors have also spread, claiming that they were dating each other.

Brian said, “There have been rumors saying that we’re gay but that’s not true. I think people felt that way because that’s how close we were. I think our junior singers have to also feel that way. They should be close to each other to the point where they seem gay,” bringing out laughter.

In a recent concert, the fans also demanded to see them hug each other.
Hwan Hee said, “Everyone always tries to check and see if we’re really close. They try to check by asking us to kiss or hug each other. We are close, so I hope that people would stop asking us to do those things.”

Fly to the Sky concluded, “It’s been about 6 or 7 years since we’ve done a concert. We weren’t sure whether the seats would be filled up since it was our first concert in a long time. Most fans sang along from the beginning until the end. It was a heart-touching concert. It was tough because we had to sing a lot and it’s been so long but it was touching,” as they thanked all the fans for the support.

Photo credit: H2 Media


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