Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Jung Kyung Ho is asked about Girls Generation Sooyoung on SBS "Laws of the City"

Jung Kyung Ho experienced a mental break down on the June 25 broadcast of SBS's 'Laws of the City in New York' when he went to find work with Ailee and their superintendent.
The superintendent, Anthony, revealed to be a fan of Girls' Generation. Ailee to burst into laughter and CG's show sweat drops on Jung Kyung Ho's head representing that he is nervous.
Ailee mentioned she was friends with Tiffany so the superintendent asked Jung Kyung Ho, "Are you friends with Girls' Generation, too?"  Anthony asked if Jung Kyung Ho was in the band, Kyung Ho responded by asking why would he be in the group.
Anthony gave the final punch to Kyung Ho by asking, "Don't you like girls?" while Ailee again burst into laughter.


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