Friday, June 13, 2014

Miss A Suzy Releases Her Latest CF For "Lilian" and Joins Roy Kim With Narration Challenge On "Connection 2014"

Miss A Suzy releases her latest CF for "Lilian"

Miss A Suzy And Roy Kim Have Narration Challenge On
Before the onset of "Connection 2014," Miss A Suzy and SuperStar K4 winner Roy Kim
were spotted having a narration challenge.

The sweet voices of Suzy and Roy Kim were chosen to be the storytellers for "Connection 2014." It was revealed that the objective of the narration challenge was for them to be able to relate themselves with the romantic concept of the show. 
"Connection 2014" is conceptualized differently from any other reality show. The dating show will have a more conservative attack. The two parties is keeping their connection through traditional letters and photo without meeting personally.

"Connection 2014" aired its first of four episodes on June 13th - Beep!

Credit: kpopbot


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