Sunday, June 15, 2014

Park Bom Says Her Foreign Fans Think She′s Dating Lee Dong Wook

Park Bom was surprised to see many of her fans’ enthusiasm regarding her ‘relationship’ with Lee Dong Wook.

June 15’s broadcast of SBS’s Roommates featured Park Bom doing a concert in Philippine.

Before the concert took place, Park Bom and the other 2NE1 members held a press conference, which was attended by numerous fans in the country.

During the conference, Park Bom was surprised to see many of her fans holding signs that had her and Lee Dong Wook’s names on them.

The concert hall was also filled with many fans showing their support for Park Bom and Lee Dong Wook’s love line.

Park Bom said, “I saw the signs that said ‘Bo-Dong’ everywhere I looked. This is a deal big. I was shocked to see so many of those signs. They all seemed to think that way here. Do I have to get married? I wondered if this means I have to date him.”

Photo credit: SBS


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