Saturday, June 7, 2014

Prepositions in Korean

전치사: jeonchisa "prepositions" in Korean
  • : on
책상 에 컴퓨터가 있어요. The computer is on the desk.
  • 아래/밑: under
책상 아래 (에) 구두가 있어요. The shoes are under the desk.
  • : in front of
책상 에 의자가 있어요. The chair is in front of the desk.
  • : behind
책상 에 책장이 있어요. The bookshelf is behind the desk.
  • : beside
책상 에 화분 하고 옷걸이가 있어요. The coat hanger and the plant are beside the desk.
  • 왼찍:left
책상 왼찍에 화분이 있어요. The plant is to the left of the desk.
  • 오른찍:right
책상 오른찍에옷걸이가 있어요. The coat hanger is to the right of the desk.
  • 사이:in between
화분과 옷걸이 사이에 책상 있어요. The desk is in between the plant and the coat hanger.
  • 가은데: in the middle of
책상 가은데에 인형이 있어요. The teddy bear is in the middle of the desk.
  • : inside
에 강아지가 있어요. The dog is inside the house
  • : outside
에 고양이 있어요. The cat is outside the house.
note: most of these nouns are used with “에” to express location.


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