Monday, June 16, 2014

SNSD styles: The adorable girls with famous designer brands

When I first saw Tiffany top (after seeing Jessica's lovely pink top) I knew that if I find one of them I'll also find the other......= because if you look closely you can definitely see the similarities between them.
I am so happy that I was right because it turns out that Tiffany's top from Healing Camp is also from Isabel Marant's S/S 2014 collection and you can buy it here (the top is also available in white and black)

It turns out that Tiffany wasn't the only one wearing Isabel MarantSooyoung's pink vest is also from the same designer and it's the 'Garson' frayed denim gilet which you can buy here
As you can see the model wears Tiffany's top and also Sooyoung's vest together on the runway

Since I posted finds from Healing Camp I have 2 more finds that I forgot to post 
(oh boy I have many finds that I haven't posted...I must get to work :P)
Yuri was wearing the Bambi Sweatshirt from Jain Song.
Buy it here

Now for the last find we have Taeyeon's blue jacket which is from Arche reve's F/W 2013 collection.

Image Credits:  SBS, Arche, Jain Song, Farfetch

Ever since I saw the top I wanted so badly to find it and now I have. :D
As the face of Banila Co (this is a make-up brand don't confuse it with Banila BJessica filmed a Get it beauty video.
For the video she wore this lovely pink top from Isabel Marant's S/S 2014 collection.
Unfortunately this top is out of stock (and it wasn't affordable), but you can check it out here
Don't you love this top? Because I sure do.
Who: SNSD's Hyoyeon
Where: 140604 Incheon Airport
What: LIMO143R00 dress from Banila B
Buy it here

Who: SNSD's Taeyeon
Where: 140611 Strongest Group filming
What: Show unicorn t-shirt from 2econd floor
Buy it here
I'm so happy I found this t-shirt, isn't it pretty?
I spotted some finds from the other members as well but I'll have to wait for the video or better pictures

 Image Credits: Strongest Group, SK fashion mal

taeyeonmainmontouk MAINMONTAUK: Two Line Bracelet in Royal Blue @ ₩24,000
As seen at: Despicable Me 2 VIP Premiere

I.D. Credit: @rim1105′s Instagram

Image Credits: as tagged


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