Saturday, June 7, 2014

Taeyang shares his thoughts on 'Eyes, Nose, Lips' MV film making

Taeyang got up close and personal in the making film for his "Eyes, Nose, Lips" MV!

Taeyang opened up about his comeback, "'Eyes, Nose, Lips' is my title track. Like the title suggests, it is a song about the longing for a lover who one breaks up with. It is a sad song and has my story in it so you will be able to feel a lot of sincerity in the song. I didn't use a lot of glamorous things for the concept. I wanted to express my feelings just as they are so the music video was prepared in the most simple and minimal format. Up until now, I've been doing songs with performance as the main focus so it's true that I didn't get to do songs that highlighted my voice. Because I showed a lot of that in the past, I thought this [current] image was very new to me. It is like it was destiny for me to do this song and I think the listeners will be able to feel my honest emotions."

G-Dragon will be a part of Taeyang's first comeback stage on 'Inkigayo' this weekend.

Credit: allkpop


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