Friday, June 13, 2014

[Video] After School’s Nana Wants to Get Married in a Bikini

Sticking to her unique personality, After School’s Nana stated that she wants to get married in a bikini.

As a model before singer, Nana flawlessly flaunted her beauty in a photoshoot with fashion magazine High Cut, which released her pictorial on June 5.

During the interview with High Cut, Nana talked about her current appearance on SBS’ Roommates and how all the ladies of the household made things very comfortable that she was able to joke around with them easily, regardless of the age difference.

“I watched the first broadcast, and I came out so ugly,” said Nana. “A bare-face with no makeup might have looked natural, but it wasn’t beautiful.”

Despite being born in 1991 and still fairly young, Nana shared that her interest in wedding recently grew.

“I want to have a wedding at an outdoor pool because it’ll be more memorable,” explained Nana. “Instead of a wedding dress, I’ll wear a bikini, and I’ll make the dress code for the guests swimming suits.”

The full interview and pictorial will be included in June’s issue of High Cut.

Photo Credit: High Cut


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