Sunday, June 15, 2014

[Video] Jessica (SNSD) asks a bird to poop on Krystal f(x) in OnStyle's "Jessica&Krystal" episode 3 preview + teaser


 Check out the preview for the 3rd episode of 'Jessica and Krystal'

Despite their usual sisterly love, Jessica and Krystal showed themselves having a quarrel in New York City.

On Style revealed a preview video for the third episode of Jessica & Krystal on June 16.

The video shows the two sisters having a photo shoot session in New York, catching the attention of the New Yorkers with their fancy outfits and dolled up faces.

Being exhausted after spending hours at the photoshoot, the sisters began getting on each other’s nerves.

Krystal made fun of Jessica first by calling her a ‘pink princess.’ Then in a car moving to another place, Krystal asks, “What should we eat today?” to which Jessica answers, “I don’t intend on eating with you,” expressing her annoyance with her younger sister
Well, their next episode will showcase their trip in New York, and here's their teaser clip to give you a quick preview~

Girls Generation Jessica asks a bird to poop on f(x) Krystal in OnStyle's "Jessica&Krystal" episode 3 teaser


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