Sunday, June 29, 2014

[Video] Rain To Play A Killer in 'The Prince' Movie

Get excited to see Rain in the Hollywood movie, The Prince.

After his first Hollywood movie, Ninja Assassin, Rain is breaking into Hollywood with this next movie. An official trailer for The Prince was released giving moviegoers action-packed scenes to look forward to.

Rain will play Mark, a sidekick and an evil killer for the first time. He acts alongside Bruce Willis, John Cusack and Jason Patric. In the short trailer, Rain is seen dressed in a suit walking next to Bruce, and another scene in which he holds Gia Mantegna’s character captive.

The Prince is about a retired assassin, Paul (Jason Patric), who goes back on the job with his friend Sam (John Cusack). This all happens due to someone kidnapping his daughter, Beth (Gia Mantegna). During the process of rescuing her, he meets his former rival, Omar (Bruce Willis), and they fight it out. The movie will be full of thrilling events!

The Prince will premiere in US theaters beginning August 22.



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