Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Interesting truths about SNSD Jessica revealed on 'Jessica&Krystal' episode 5

Girls Generation Jessica reveals she wants to enter the fashion industry on OnStyle's "Jessica&Krystal" episode 5

Girls Generation Jessica reveals a secret from her body on OnStyle's "Jessica&Krystal" episode 5 

On the July 1st broadcast of OnStyle's "Jessica&Krystal," Jessica said, "My navel is really up high. The other Girls' Generation members' navels are low, but mine is really high." When they were standing, her navel was on the same level as YoonA, Yuri, and Sooyoung.
Her stylist said, "Even though you're short, you have good proportions. You and Krystal have blessed bodies, so be grateful to your parents," making Jessica laugh.

Girls Generation Jessica talks about not having a private life on OnStyle's "Jessica&Krystal" episode 5

jessica & krystal

On the broadcast Jessica and her stylist went to a restaurant and conversed while drinking Sangria.
Jessica’s stylist said, “For us, we don’t get any time to rest. When others are sleeping, we have to work. Also, we have to go ahead of everyone else and sometimes do things we don’t want to.”
Jessica responded, “Not having a private life, it is what it is. That’s how it is. And I don’t really want to play like the kids my age anyway.”
She continued, “There are also times when we have to accept and endure difficulties. But, of course, there are limits.” She then laughed and ended the conversation with, “I think I’m saying these things because I drank alcohol.”
Watch the cuts from  'Jessica&Krystal' episode 5 here.


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