Friday, July 4, 2014

[Photo] SNSD Sunny and Yuri reunites with the cast of Invincible Youth!

Reunited after a long time are the cast of Invincible Youth Season 1!

"정말 오랜만에 뭉친 청춘불패 식구들!! 
첫 솔로데뷔 축하한다구 케이크에  응원까지해줬다... 
추억얘기로 가득했던 오늘또한 추억이되겠지..?? 행복하다.
다음엔 태우오빠 신영언니 현아두 같이보길~~♥ "
That of course includes SNSD's Sunny and Yuri, and here are their photos with their Invincible Youth family ~ Secret's Sunhwa, Kara's Hara, B.E.G's Narsha, and T-ara's Hyomin who shared, 
"The Invincible Youth family who united after a really long time!!They congratulated me for my first solo debut and even supported me with a cake…Today that was filled with recalling memories would be counted as a memory too, right..?? I’m happy.Hope that we meet again with Taewoo oppa, Shinyoung unnie, and Hyuna as well next time~~♥"~

snsd sunny yuri invincible youth reunion

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