Thursday, July 3, 2014

[Photo] SNSD Sunny with Tiffany at MBC FM4U’s FM Date + Sunny's drinking habits

Girls Generation Tiffany reveals Sunny's drinking habits on MBC FM4U's "FM Date" Radio On the July 2nd broadcast of MBC's 'FM Date', Sunny had Tiffany, on as a special guest.

She said, "Sunny is different depending on whether we are out for a meal as a group or drinking at home. Sunny drinks with great self control and mental strength. One day, we were drinking comfortably at our house and she got drunk, but I could not tell she was drunk. She is a pro at the poker face."

She continued, "While we were drinking, Sunny says she would go in for a bit and come back later, but she does not return for a long time. When that happens, she is sleeping very prettily." Sunny added, "I'm sleeping like Snow White."

Source: imbc


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