Thursday, July 3, 2014

[Video] Roy Kim Celebrates His 22nd Birthday And Covers Taeyang′s ′Eyes, Nose, Lips′

Roy Kim′s fans started partying early as all fans do before their stars′ birthdays, and Roy Kim remembered to thank them for all the early birthday wishes.

On July 3, the day of his birthday, Roy Kim thanked his fans through a short video.

After saying thank you, he voiced hopes that he would get to meet them soon through his upcoming performances and album, to be released this fall.

He also remembered to say "I love you" with a shy expression on his face.

Time to add another new version to your Eyes, Nose, Lips playlist, as Roy Kim has put up his own cover of the song.
On July 3, as if to extend his birthday thanks, Roy Kim put up an audio clip of his voice singing Big Bang Taeyang′s Eyes, Nose, Lips on his own YouTube account.

"Had some fun recording alone on my birthday.
great song. love it. gotta sleep. good night. p.s I want to thank my closest!," he said in the caption.

The recording doesn′t seem to have been done at a recording studio, a charm that actually adds to the mood of the song.



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