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2NE1 Park Bom′s Drug Allegations Explaination From YG Entertainment

YG Entertainment′s Yang Hyun Suk opened up on Park Bom′s alleged drug smuggling charges.

The suspicions were first brought up on the night of June 30, when the front page of a newspaper that was to cover the story the next morning was leaked on social media.

Chaos and confusion ensued, as reports that followed stated she had actually been caught allegedly smuggling the drugs, which turned out to be amphetamine, back in 2010.

She had ordered the drugs in the U.S. and had them sent to a relative′s home under her relative′s name. The package came under the scrutiny of customs authorities, leading prosecution to investigate the relative and raid Park Bom′s home.

Netizens demanded an explanation of why the case had been kept quiet for four years, and of why prosecution hadn′t brought charges against her then.

Despite the fact that prosecution is known to be strict on drug-related charges, it had acquitted Park Bom soon after she was caught.

On the morning of July 1, Yang Hyun Suk stepped out to clear up the issue.

He wrote on the YG official blog that the charges had been cleared with authorities and that the drugs had been ordered for medical purposes.

What follows is the full blog post.

Hello, this is Yang Hyunsuk. I wish to clear up the misunderstandings that sprang up last night.

- I will first talk about the reason I′m responding through this blog post and not through official YG channels.

To be exact, this incident happened four years ago, and I was the first person to know of this through Park Bom′s parents. They came to tell me in person back then that their family had been put under investigation, and they told me about the shocking incidents and medical condition Park Bom had experienced. No other person in YG, not even the other 2NE1 members, knew of this before the articles were issued.

I believed it would be better for me to clear this up myself since I was the one who had heard the story firsthand.

- How do I feel as a producer about the incident?

I′ve spent nine years with the 2NE1 members, if you include their stay as trainees.

In the past nine years I′ve noticed that the members don′t even smoke, they don′t drink, and I don′t think they′ve ever been to night clubs either except for official events. That′s so far as I know, and I′ve never heard rumors to the contrary either. Overnight, however, Park Bom had become a "drug smuggler" because of just one headline.

I didn′t know what to say, whether I should say anything about this nonsense, or whether my saying something would worsen the situation. I, however, concluded that I shouldn′t keep quiet for my naive sister Park Bom, who had become a drug smuggler overnight, and her fans, who have been supporting 2NE1 through its world tour.

- So what is the truth?

As many fans will know, Park Bom grew up in the U.S. for a long time before her debut as 2NE1, and she once dreamed of becoming a soccer player. Unfortunately, her best friend passed away during a soccer game. She witnessed the tragedy, and she spent a long time in sorrow and shock. She received psychological treatment for years, and took medication that had been prescribed her by a renowned hospital.

Park Bom was unable to play soccer again after that, and flew to Korea in pursuit of her new dream to become a singer. I still remember the day she auditioned for YG. The reason she left such a big impression on me was because she had said in the audition that she "wouldn′t become a singer" if she "doesn′t make it into YG." She did not make it then, she didn′t make it the following year either, but the next year on her third try she passed in first place. That′s why I remember her so clearly.

The reason I′m telling you this is because though I first met her 11 years ago, I never knew of her medical history or of the fact that she had played soccer. I never knew until her father told me four years ago. She never told her fellow 2NE1 members either, which shows what a painful memory this must be for her. The story is now out. Park Bom took the medication prescribed to her from an American hospital up to 2010. When she couldn′t travel to the U.S. to get the drugs due to her busy schedule, her mother and grandmother agreed to receive packages of the medications for her. That′s when customs made issue with the fact that the drug is illegal in Korea.

We turned in her prescriptions and medical documents to prosecution, and the incident was concluded with the approval of the authorities.

- Did she know the medication can be used as a drug?

What kind of mother and grandmother would get illegal drugs for their daughter and granddaughter? Also, in a time when most drugs require a prescription, who looks through every ingredient that is in the drug?

I revealed in Healing Camp years ago that I also must take medications regularly due to panic disorder. I don′t know what the drugs are made of, and even if I heard, I don′t think I would understand or remember.

It seems Park Bom only knew the drugs weren′t available in Korea. She did not know they were illegal. After she learned that they are illegal four years ago, she has been taking other drugs that can replace them.

I hadn′t seen her in a while because she was busy with her world tour until last night. She had come in to the office for a recording, but I ended up seeing her cry all night. I feel mixed feelings now that I have to tell this story that she did not want to tell.

Lastly, I wish to apologize for causing such concern. I will return with happier news next time. Thank you.

Yang Hyunsuk

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