Monday, June 30, 2014

Infinite to Launch Small Theatre Concert ‘That Summer 2’

Having started promotions with its second full length album Season 2, Infinite will be meeting with the fans through a small theatre concept concert titled That Summer 2.

According to Woollim Entertainment, Infinite will be performing That Summer 2 concert between August 7 through 10 and August 14 through 16 in Bluesquare Samsung Card Hall.

Inviting 2,300 fans for each concert for a total of 15,000, That Summer 2 will be carrying out the same small theatre concept as That Summer, which successfully took place in 2012. The small theatre concept presents performance in a small theatre instead of in a large sized stadium or an arena, which is unusual for an idol group, in order to interact more closely with the fans.

Infinite had previously led a new trend for other boy groups to present small theatre concerts after it launched That Summer in 2012.

That Summer 2 will be presenting various hit songs of Infinite, such as Man in Love, Destiny and Last Romeo on top of unplugged songs fit for the summer, in order to create an outdoor camping atmosphere with the fans.

Woollim Entertainment stated, “If the opportunity allows us, we would like to launch That Summer concert every other year. It is a concert that both the Infinite members and the fans can enjoy, as it will show the members’ faces more clearly and allow closer interaction with the fans, compared to when they perform on broadcasts or large sized concerts.”

Infinite’s That Summer 2 will start ticket sales to fan club members on July 7 and the regular ticket sales will start on July 9.

Photo credit: Woollim Entertainment


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