Monday, June 16, 2014

SNSD picture updates (6)

Girls Generation Yoona gorgeously promotes "Innisfree"

SNSD Tiffany Pictures for IPKN 'STARLIGHT EYES' Promotion 

Source: IPKN
SNSD Sunny, Yuri and Yoona Pictures for 'LOTTE' Department Store Promotion 

Source: SeoJeong

Girls Generation Sooyoung hanging out with her Stylist Seo Soo Kyung

Girls Generation Jessica snaps a set of selcas with Choi Yong Bin

Girls Generation Tiffany and Yoona promotes 2014 World Cup for "LOTTE" Department Store

Girls Generation Hyoyeon enjoys her Sunday at the park

"yeah~~~ nice sunday�� #한강"

Posted by Crystal Dao 

Miss A's Min Instagram update with Girls Generation Hyoyeon out in the park

"A doggy Sunday ��"

SNSD Taeyeon Instagram Picture Update

The caption of the photo:
히어로 #umf
Source: taeyeon_ss on Instagram

 SNSD Jessica and Krystal Polaroid Picture

Source: woorissicacom
SNSD Yuri Instagram Pictures Update 

Source: yulyulk on Instagram


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