Saturday, July 5, 2014

IU To Feature In g.o.d.’s 8th Full Length Album

IU fulfilled her long time wish by featuring in g.o.d.’s new album.

An afiiliate of g.o.d. told Newsen on July 4, “IU featured in a song called Sing for Me (translated) which is included in g.o.d.’s 8th full length album. It is not the title song.”

An affiliate of IU also told Newsen, “IU recently finished recording with g.o.d. The featuring was accomplished when Kim Tae Woo made the suggestion.”

IU is widely known as a long time fan of g.o.d. IU’s affiliate also added, “IU was very happy to be featuring in g.o.d.’s album.”

Meanwhile, g.o.d.’s 8th full length album will be released through online and offline on July 8 and 9, respectively.

g.o.d. will also be launching a national concert tour starting with Seoul on July 12 and 13, Gwangju on August 2 and 3, Busan on August 15 and 16, Daegu on August 23 and 24 and Daejeon on August 30 and 31.

Photo credit: Newsen, Sidus HQ


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