Tuesday, July 1, 2014

'You Who Came From the Stars′, ′I Hear Your Voice′ and More are Nominated for the ′2014 Seoul Drama Awards′

The Seoul Drama Awards Organizing Committee revealed the nominees for the ceremony this year.

The list shows that You Who Came From the Stars, Empress Ki, Reply 1994, Jung Do Jeon and more popular dramas were entered.

Entries were accepted until May 17.

A total of 209 dramas were turned in from over 50 countries, the biggest turnout in the history of the ceremony.

The list includes such globally renowned series as Walking Dead 4, Sherlock 3 and Orphan Black 2.

It also, of course, contains the hit Korean dramas I Hear Your Voice, Master′s Son, Gapdong, Secret Love Affair, and more.

The most competitive category turned out to be the Mini Series category. 60 percent of the 209, 124 dramas, will be competing for an award. The category drew so many entries as the ceremony defines mini series as dramas with any number of episodes between 3 to 24.

Dramas were also entered from such countries as Mexico, Hungary, and Vanuatu. Implacable and Vladimir in Me are from Mexico, Freedom Flight is from Hungary, and Love Patrol S6 is from Vanuatu.

The 2014 Seoul Drama Awards will be held on September 4. It will air live through SBS.

Photo credit: SBS


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