Saturday, June 21, 2014

[Interview] Gummy Speaks Up on Switching from YG to C-JeS Entertainment

Gummy has returned after 4 long years.

Gummy released her new title song I loved…have no regrets on June 10 along with her new mini album.

Coming back in four years with a new album, Gummy has faced a time of change. On top of her more feminine looks and atmosphere, Gummy also moved her agency from YG Entertainment to C-JeS Entertainment.

In a recent interview with Newsen, Gummy said, “It’s been about half a year since I switched to a new agency and I think my last company had its own characteristics. YG is not a style of company that releases albums very often.”

She continued, “Albums are only released when there are good songs. All the singers agreed to that and each singer had the greed to promote with good music. I also made two albums at YG but they ended up not getting released. Then after much contemplation, I moved to a different agency.”

She added “I underwent trial and error with two albums and I organized the thought I had during the process. Based on that I began working on a mini album at a new agency and was able to release a new album within 6 months.”

It was not an easy decision to leave the agency that she has been working with since the time of her debut. YG Entertainment especially has its merits when it comes to promotional activities in Korea. Did she have an occasion that led her to think that she needs a change? Her answer was, “Not an occasion but it happened more naturally.”

Gummy said, “I learned many things while I was at YG. It still feels like home to me. Despite that, there are too many singers at YG now and I wanted to do the music that I want to do more freely and frequently. Many fans and people around me often asked, ‘Why don’t you release albums more frequently?’ And that’s how I naturally came to switch agencies.”

“We did not part in a bad way. The CEO actually felt apologetic towards me. He told me that if there was a place that can focus more on my work, then I should move with a comfortable mind. I thought it was only natural for me to make the decision,” said the singer.

She concluded by saying, “My goal for this album is to gain musical recognition rather than popularity. I am thankful in that way. When a album is released, there are mixed reviews but I’ve heard much good feedback and I feel like my hard work is being recognized so I was very happy.”

Photo credit: C-JeS Entertainment


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